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PowerVision Management Software

Business continuity carries a greater urgency than ever, because nearly all workers require access to technology to do their jobs. That's why Eaton delivers not only uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), but also management systems that continually monitor entire networks of UPSs and other data center elements.

PowerVision power management software is the solution for the progressive system administrator or facility engineer who needs local or enterprise-wide monitoring of multiple UPSs and/or other power components supporting mission critical applications.

PowerVision comes in two different packages, each one tailored for its own unique application:

  • PowerVision Network Edition provides remote monitoring and computer operating system shutdown for multiple single-phase UPSs and small-to-midrange three-phase UPSs, from Eaton and others using industry-standard SNMP communications and integration with popular network management systems
  • PowerVision Facility Edition provides one-line detailed UPS information, monitors system status of other elements in the critical power distribution system such as generators, static switches, power distribution units (PDUs), and air conditioners through alarm contacts and supports in-depth reporting, analysis, and graphics

PowerVision Enterprise Manager serves a unique role as an optional enhancement to either edition providing an enterprise-wide view that spans multiple PowerVision systems across your organization.

Features & Benefits

  • Unify and centralize supervision of multiple UPSs and other power protection equipment
  • Sustain premium power performance through enterprise-wide monitoring and real-time alarm management
  • Streamline asset management tasks for all UPSs on a network

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